I am seventy-seven years old and have been troubled with thin, fragile skin for the last seven years, often resulting in large tears of the skin from ordinary bumps or abrasions. I often find I have to carefully treat and protect these tears and they can take a long time to heal. I have a lot of white scars where some of these minor bumps have healed.

Recently I was given a small bottle of Rescue Lotion to try. Not long afterward I was pruning a shrub and accidentally scraped the skin in a large place on the back of my hand.

I washed the scrape noticing that the water stung as usual. I decided to use only Rescue Lotion to see if it made a difference. Surprisingly it seemed to protect my hand from air and water when I needed to wash it. I reapplied the Rescue Lotion the following morning, just to make sure. It seemed to be making a protective shield and there was no stinging at all. The following day there were signs of healing but, no scab. Within four days, the tear was almost completely healed. Four weeks following this injury to my hand and there was no sign of a scar at all. This is remarkable because there are several scars from previous skin abrasions, some of which were less severe.

I am amazed at how well Rescue Lotion really works and would recommend this product for anyone to keep in the medicine cabinet. I know this must be great for use on children’s cuts and scrapes since it doesn’t sting at all and seems to do a great job of protecting from any exposure to irritants.

Mary F

Melbourne, FL



My name is Christa, I am a donut maker at a local grocery store. I get burned on my arms almost every day. I used the Rescue Lotion for the first time on a fresh burn and it completely amazed me. I never blistered and did not get infected and was healed in 5 days. The other burns took 2-3 weeks without the Rescue Lotion. I recommend this for all burns.

Thank you Rescue Lotion.


Union City, OH


August 9, 2011

It was almost a month after my Mustang, Hopi, suffered a bad injury. In addition to a fractured pelvis, she had a large flesh wound at the top of her right flank that was not healing after three weeks. I tried everything I could find at local feed stores, cleaning the wound & applying whatever claimed to contain the most effective healing properties. And in three weeks, there had been no real noticeable change in the wound, while I had expected it to start drying up and scab over, at least within nearly a month. But the wound was deep. I wondered if it would ever heal.

We needed something to start healing the wound, and give us some encouragement, while we had three more months to get past the pelvic injury. That something came in the form of Rescue Lotion. Within three days, after applying it to Hopi's wound twice daily, I started to see hair growing out of the flesh. I was shocked because there was no drying of the wound and, there was never any scab that formed, as I expected to see. It simply healed from the inside out. I never would have believed that Rescue Lotion would make such a big difference, in such a short period of time. Within another few weeks after we started with the Rescue Lotion, you could not even tell that there had been any injury at all.

Rescue Lotion has no strong or, harsh smell, and went on just like a lotion. Hopi had been pretty disagreeable about the first products we tried, as they seemed to sting or burn when applied. Within two days, Hopi had no problem with me applying the Rescue Lotion.

Hopi, and I, are grateful to the makers of Rescue Lotion. This product gave us some encouragement and helped us move right past Hopi's flesh wound, to focus on Hopi's more serious injury; one that Hopi made a full recovery from also. For anyone struggling with any kind of Equine skin or flesh injury, I would encourage you to try Rescue Lotion. You will be thankful you did!

Linda Wiley

Natural Motion Therapeutics

Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Woodstock, GA


July 23, 2011

Hello my name is Samantha, I am 39 years old and I have been suffering from severe eczema my entire life. My skin condition is know as Nummular Eczema and it has grown progressively worse over the last 10 years. My condition is so bad that I commonly have coin sized open cuts over my entire body due to the constant itching and scratching. To add to my situation I live in Florida and my passion is riding horses. The heat and humidity along with the dirt and dust from riding and caring for my horses further aggravates my skin condition. I have been to numerous Dermatologists over the years and have spent a small fortune on their tests and corresponding pills and medicated creams they have prescribed. I have even had Corisone shotes with no success. I recently began using RESCUE LOTION about four weeks ago. With all of the products I have tried in the past I did not expect much. To my surprise, it moisturized my skin and did not irritate my skin like other moisturizers I have tried in the past. The real benefit I have found is that I apply RESCUE LOTION before I go down to the barn and it provides a protective barrier over my skin to keep out dirt and dust that would normally aggravate my skin. I have been using it daily for the last month and my eczema is now much more manageable. Because my skin is moist and has stayed clean of dirt and dust, I am not itching and scratching like I normally do. As an added benefit I have never been able to use sunscreen because it makes my skin burn like fire. Because RESCUE LOTION contains zinc oxide I have noticed my skin is not getting sun burned when I ride horses all day.


My Equine Chiropractor was at my farm to treat my horses recently and I bent down to pick up a board and did not know there were Fire Ants on the other side. Several of the Ants bit my hand and immediately started to painfully swell, itch and burn. Charlie gave me some of the Rescue Lotion to sooth my hand. Within minutes the Rescue Lotion eased the pain and eliminated the itching. I could not believe it. It was better than Benadryl.

Thanks to Charlie and the Rescue Lotion, I didn't have to ice my hand to reduce the swelling. I was impressed enough to reach out to this company to order more of this product for my friends and clients.


To Whom it may concern,

I have been using Rescue Lotion since August of 2007, when it was in the development stages. It is a wonderful product.

I had chemical burns on my arms from airbags exploding when I was involved in a fender-bender. That happened on a Saturday, and I did not start using Rescue Lotion until the following Monday morning.

Rescue Lotion took the burn out and healed the skin very fast with no scarring.

I am employed as a bank teller and handle "dirty" money all day long and meet clients who are always saying " I don't feel so good today!" I rarely have a cold and have not had the flu for many years. I use Rescue Lotion all the time.

I love IT!!

Jan G.

Union City, IN


I want to thank you for the sample bottle of your lotion. As a mechanic, grease and other chemicals are hard to get off the hands without strong hand cleaners. I tried your lotion and the grease and grime washed off with regular soap and water even the area around the nails which never comes clean. My wife has also taken notice and commented on it plus she said my hands are softer.

I also noticed that when I have to clean parts, the cleaning solution would dry my hands out and they turned white. With the lotion, there is no drying out, solvent comes right off.

Thanks again,

Adam R.

Greenville, OH


I want to say thanks for the sample of Rescue Lotion.

My husband and I were pulling weeds making a flower bed and the weeds were full of Chiggers and I got bit up. That was on a Sunday. I am a service writer for an Auto Dealership in Greenville, OH and when I went to work on Monday I was itching all over and had red welts. I remembered what was said about insect bites and went to the restroom and applied the lotion to the bites. The itch stopped within minutes and the redness was gone by the end of the day.

When we went back to the weeding, I again got bit up but did not wait and applied the lotion, no itch, no red welts.

Thanks again and will send an order.

Kasi G.

Greenville, OH


I have extreamly sensitive skin, breaking out in hives or red splotches at the most minor provocation. As a horse person this is most inconvenient! When I touch any type of grass hay, hives and welts instantaneously appear on my arms-even through clothing. Rescue Lotion protects me from contact dermatitis.

I use it on my face and have been told that my wrinkles are less noticable. It protects me from the itching that make-up normally causes.

In the barn, it protects me from skin irritants and keeps dirt out of my pores. Even after massaging a dirty horse, the oils and grease from the horse's coat wash off with plain, cold water. It's also great for insect bites and burns.

I love Rescue Lotion.

Sally H.

Gainesville, FL


To Whom it may Concern:

We employ 35 painters and all use Rescue Lotion. They apply it to their faces, arms and legs to protect them against paint overspray. The lotion makes the cleanup so much easier and faster with no skin irritation.

The paint washes right off. The lotion protects the skin from harsh cleaning chemicals and it also protects against sunburn which is an added bonus as our painters are in the sun all day. This is a real asset to our company. It really is a remarkable product.

Our painters love it.

Richard Livingston



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